• ON YOUTH HOMELESSNESS – The youth homeless shelter, Covenant House in Toronto, Ontario, is one of the largest in Canada yet Amanda, a 19-year-old young woman who has been homeless for five years, chose to live on the streets rather than seek shelter there (Toronto Observer).
  • ON YOUTH – According to Maatalii Okalik, head of the Inuit Tapiriit Kanatami’s National Inuit Youth Council, youth crime in Inuit Nunangat, Nunavut is a result of societal neglect towards these adolescents. yet despite these indisputable facts, the issues of the youth community in Nunavut are being neglected on a national level as these issues are not being addressed or even paid any attention to (Nunatsiaq Online).
  • ON CHILD CARE SYSTEM – In North America, children at risk are often apprehended from their homes to protect them, leading to a higher rate of children in care. But Sweden, a country with a lower rate of children in care, has implemented family welfare policies which give families access to in-home services and resources to keep them together rather than separate them (Winnipeg Free Press).
  • ON GROUP HOMES – A group home near 116th Avenue and 91st, in Edmonton, Alta, has been visited 62 times by local police. One sergeant expressed grave concerns over the home’s ability to control the juvenile youth staying there, even though the real problem may come from the lack of support for it by government (Edmonton Journal).
  • AND MORE ON CHILD CARE SYSTEM – Even though Manitoban law states that foster parents, group home workers and anyone involved with children within the Child and Family Services, must report any injuries to a child in care, as seen in the case of Phoenix Sinclair who was murdered in 2005, the CFS were unable to protect the five-year-old and was not even made aware of the case until nine months after (Winnipeg Free Press).