• ON MANITOBAN CHILD WELFARE SYSTEM – The North American child welfare systems still prefer child-protection strategies, even though aboriginal youths are still suffering from the repercussions of the residential school systems which separated children from their families and subjected them to maltreatment. Rather than taking an at risk child away from their homes and family, the system should be providing support to the families. This lack of support towards families in the Child Welfare System has prompted six advocates for the First Nations children to go on a hunger strike to raise awareness of the broken system (Huffington Post).
  • ON YOUTH HOMELESSNESS – In Ottawa Canada, organizations are joining forces to end youth homelessness. They have taken initiatives not only to manage it, but also to reach deeper at the root of the problem to even try to prevent youth homelessness (Ottawa Citizen).
  • ON ABORIGINAL YOUTH – A study conducted by the At-Risk Youth Study between September 2005 to May 2013, has found that aboriginal youth have a higher incarceration rate than non-aboriginal youth. They are 1.4 times more likely to go to go to jail than non-aboriginal youth (The Manitoban).
  • ON FOSTER CARE –  According to British Columbia’s provincial government, there are 350 children over the age of 12 awaiting to be permanently adopted. For older children, the adoption process can take 5 to 10 years and in the event where a child is not adopted by the age of 19, they age out of governmental care (Vancouver Sun).
  • ON YOUTH CENTRES – The youth organization, Cyrus Centre in Abbotsford B.C which provide help to at-risk and homeless youth, has an average visit count of about 875 youths per month. Yet the organization’s resources are becoming more limited as they do not have the financial means to respond to the growing demand of services.(Abbotsford News).

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